Sterling Silver Shamrock Key Pendant Encrusted With Peridot Colored Crystals

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A brilliant green shamrock tops an artfully constructed sterling silver pendant key. Set with dazzling peridot crystals, this keepsake is a true inspirational beauty. 


Shamrock and Peridot

The shamrock is a most recognizable symbol of Celtic culture, art, and myth. This three-leaved plant is said to harness the energies of the earth and inspire good health, happiness, and prosperity. Each of its three leaves may represent a different but related idea to the wearer. Common interpretations are The Holy Trinity, and past, present, and future. In a fun and modern green, the shamrock figure draws on traditional lush green imagery of Ireland, and the positive energies the hue beholds. 

Peridot crystals, a lovely shade of green, are known to draw on the positive properties of healthful balance, healing, and abundance. They may also instill in the wearer a close relationship with nature. 


Key to Natural Order

Let the natural beauty of the shamrock plant, and Shanore Ireland's incredible sterling silver interpretation of the classic symbol, inspire you on your journey. Let the powerful energies of the peridot crystals and the positive inspiration of Celtic lore bring you guidance and luck. 

Made in Ireland, Hallmarked at Dublin Castle for Authenticity
Gift Boxed for Easy Gift Giving


METAL: Sterling Silver
WEIGHT: 2.6 grams
WIDTH: 9mm
HEIGHT: 30mm