Guinness Merchandise

It doesn’t get any more Irish than Authentic Guinness Merchandise.   The company Arthur Guinness started in 1759 has grown into a worldwide name familiar to everyone, Irish or not. The merchandise we carry is all authentic and the same you would find at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin.   We carry a selection of Guinness pint glasses and Guinness tankards, along with bar towels and mirror coat hanger, to bring a touch of an Irish pub into the home.   Guinness T-shirts, collared shirts, and rugby shirts, as well has hats and jackets, allow for people to admire your fashion sense and pride for Guinness, whether in a pub or on the golf course. We even have Guinness accessories like a Guinness lanyard and a Guinness wallet. Don’t forget our Guinness road sign magnet, perfect for remembering which direct the Guinness factory lies at St. James Gate, in Dublin, Ireland.