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Irish Origins of Halloween

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Most modern holidays are amalgamations of cultural celebrations in the past. Halloween is no different, with its roots stemming from the Irish tradition of Samhain, a Gaelic tradition recognizing the end of the harvest season and the commencement of winter. Get in the spirit with this Irish Central video on the "Top Ten Irish Traditions for Halloween." Which ones do you celebrate? Which ones are most intriguing to you?

Powerscourt Gardens, Co. Wicklow

This has become one of my favorite places to visit in Ireland!  It's a short distance from Dublin (approx. 45 km.) and full of Irish charm in the beautiful countryside in the Wicklow Mtns.    The price of 10 euros for adults includes admission to the grounds of Powerscourt Gardens, which  were recently voted No.3 in the [...]

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WOW Airlines! LAX to Dublin $199.00 Each Way!

WOW Airline is my new best friend!  Have you heard of them?  WOW is a low-cost, budget airline, based out of Iceland.  They have some great deals if you can be flexible on the dates you travel.  Here is our first hand account of traveling on WOW from LAX to Dublin last weekend.A little background [...]

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St. Valentine

It seems as Ireland has a connection to everything and Valentine's Day should be no exception!  St. Valentine,The patron saint of love, has some of his remains laid to rest at the Whitefriar Street church in Dublin.   Yes, you read that correctly.  Some of his remains stayed in Rome, where he was killed in the [...]

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The Feast Day of Saint Brigid - February 1st!

St. Brigid was born in 451AD and died in 525AD. Her feast day is the same as her death date, February 1st. Her name happens to also be the same as a Celtic goddess who was the patron of healing, poetry, and smithcraft. St Brigid is a patron of "Ireland, dairymaids, cattle, midwives, Irish nuns, and newborn babies." Born into [...]

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Newgrange Winter Solstice

December is the month during which we experience the Winter Solstice, a major even in many ancient cultures--the Ancient Irish are no different. Known as the shortest day of the year, the Winter Solstice occurs on December 21st, and marks the halfway point between summer and spring. Located in the Boyne Valley, Ireland, is Newgrange, and at 5,200 years old, [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving Week!

 We are getting ready for the busy shopping season this week at Mully's Touch of Ireland!    Our store has had a great year with so many things to be thankful for! Every year our shop has steadily grown in sales and loyal customers. Just a few things we are thankful for here at Mully's:1. Our family [...]

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The Claddagh Ring

The Claddagh symbol holds an important place in the culture and tradition of Ireland, and is most represented in the Claddagh Ring. The legend of the Claddagh is about an Irish man sold into slavery, whom, upon his return to Galway years later, gifted to his love a Claddagh Ring, which he crafted using the [...]

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Castles of Ireland

As summer seems to be never ending here in Scottsdale, I find myself dreaming of castles in Ireland.Castles, whether well taken care of or in ruins, are magical places in Ireland. Each step you take, you are reminded of those who have come before you, whose footsteps you are walking in. Some castles still bear the battle wounds [...]

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Ireland in July

The tourist season in Ireland is in full swing!   Whether taking a drive along the Wild Atlantic Way, or exploring castles in Co. Clare, it is sure to be a magical time.   A few memories from our trip to Ireland last summer include exploring caves in Co. Fermanagh, researching family history at a cemetery [...]

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