Men's Sterling Silver Celtic Ring

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Irish mythology is populated by heroic warriors, noble kings, and courageous gods- all embodying that uniquely Irish masculinity. This ring, in turn, would be worthy on the finger of any hero from Celtic Lore. Crafted of sterling silver, this handsome ring is embossed with a hypnotic Celtic knot motif which winds its way around the ring. A twisted chord design borders the main knots and balances out the design.

The Fear

Pronounced 'far,' Fear is the Irish word for 'man.' Ireland has a long history full of amazing heroic characters. Some of the best novelists, play rights, politicians, and Saints have come from Ireland over the years. Is it any surprise that the saying goes: "there are only two people in the world: those who are Irish and those who wish to be Irish." Is Fear e "He is a man." What else should a piece of jewelry say on a man's finger.

Intended for decoration but not ornamentation, a symbol rather than a bauble. It needs clean lines and clear design. This ring delivers. There are no unnecessary filigree- every part has been carefully chosen to reflect a balanced whole. Simple, profound- this ring very much deserves to be on the hand of a true Fear.

Made in Ireland by ShaNore. Hallmarked for authenticity at Dublin Castle in Dublin Ireland.

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